Prenna Unsane (prenna) wrote in big_a_little_a,
Prenna Unsane

Conflict need help

I'm posting this urgent call for help from the Conflict site

******HELP SAVE OUR DRUMMER'S LIFE!!!!!!!!!*******

PACO, Conflict's drumming machine since 1981 and a very special friend. The situation is nothing less than desperate. In short the hospital taking care of Paco has stated that they have insufficient funds to complete the operation until this time NEXT YEAR! (2007) By this time I believe Paco will have lost the will to live!!

The man whose drumming has inspired a generation of musicians, who has dedicated his life to this scene and a fantastic human being is already housebound. Paco is an extremely intelligent, enthusiastic person with a great sense of humour who I believe will not survive in his present condition.

Full details of Paco's hospital operation requirements will be released upon request but again in short it is necessary to cut away much of Paco's weight before tackling his diseased leg.

If you can spare a donation even if it's just a 1.00, that's great. If you can organise fundraising events, even better. Please do not send any money to Mortarhate Records. Details for pay-pal are on our website= . You can also send cheques to made out to F. Carreno, via PO Box 448, Eltham, London SE9 2QS, please mark the envelope Paco.

There is a chance that Paco can have his operation on August 9th, so please act fast. If everyone on the Conflict mailing list alone could spare just 50p, it would pay for this operation and leave some towards further operations.

If you cannot assist Paco in anyway financially, then please send letters of encouragement via the PO Box or post messages on the discussion board.

Conflict have organised three benefit concerts so far on all titled It Aint over til the Fat Fella Sings. details at our website=

Conflict are accepting appearance offers now from people who want to organise more. I am looking into more ways to raise funds at present.

In advance, thank you.

Colin Jerwood and all of Conflict

!!!!!!!!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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