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Want to Go for a Walk? A Bike Ride?
You May Need a Parade Permit from the Police

The NYPD wants every single group walk, tour, jog, run and bike ride, like this one organized by Recycle-A-Bicycle, to obtain a parade permit.

Can you imagine teachers needing NYPD approval for field trips?
Can you imagine site-seeing tours being arrested for walking around the city?
Can you imagine needing police-approved routes for all group runs, walks and rides?

You can stop imagining and open your eyes.

In July the NYPD proposed new parade permit rules (PDF), under which:

Any group of two (yes, 2) or more cyclists or pedestrians traveling down a public street, who violate any traffic law, rule or regulation can be arrested for parading without a permit
Every group of 20 or more cyclists must obtain a permit and approved route from the NYPD
Every group of 35 of more pedestrians must obtain a permit and approved route from the NYPD
Groups without permits or groups that leave their permitted routes could be arrested.

These changes will discourage cycling and walking, school field trips, site-seeing tours and fitness activities, endanger cyclists and pedestrians and curtail the freedoms of all New Yorkers.

It's crucial that you voice your opinion to stop these proposed changes!

Take Action: Stop the NYPD's Proposed Parade Permit Rules

Contact City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and tell her you oppose the NYPD's proposed parade permit rules. Tell her that these proposed changes will:
Discourage New Yorkers from participating in runs, walks, bike rides, school field trips, family picnics, site seeing tours, historical strolls, cultural ambles, environmental jaunts, neighborhood saunters and much more
Decrease physical activity, exercise, educational outings and tourism
Force many to forego walking and biking altogether and result in more traffic, more air and noise pollution, more subway crowding and a lower quality of life
Contact your City Councilmember and tell him or her that you oppose the NYPD's proposed changes.
Attend the August 17th People's Public Forum to meet with others who would be affected by these proposed rules: 7 pm at St. Mark's Church at East 10th Street & 2nd Avenue Speakers to include: Councilmember Gale Brewer, Council Member Alan Gerson, Norman Siegel (civil rights attorney), Donna Lieberman (NY Civil Liberties Union), and more.
Attend the August 23rd public hearing to voice your opposition to the NYPD's proposed parade permit rules: 6 pm, at One Police Plaza, Manhattan. Everyone who walks or rides a bike should attend and oppose these proposed changes! Note: You must notify the NYPD in advance if you plan to attend.
Contact T.A. at with examples of group events and activities that would be affected.
* If you haven't already, e-fax Mayor Bloomberg in opposition to the NYPD's proposed parade permit rules.
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